Divorce Survival

A Different Kind of Summer

May 01, 2024

Summertime changes dramatically as you go through divorce. Obviously, there is no way that your summers are going to look the way they did when your family was together. So, if weekends are hard for individuals to get through on … Read More

Don’t Try This Alone

Apr 24, 2024

While I reflected on what was most important to speak about in today’s Weekly Dose, I realized that even though I have talked about this numerous times, it keeps coming up in conversations and so I know that it bears … Read More

Maintaining Integrity During Divorce

Apr 17, 2024

As we journey through the divorce process, we often find ourselves getting triggered, angry, or upset, and when this happens, we can become aggressive and reactionary, dysregulated or fearful. We may wish to win an argument or hurt our partner … Read More

The Real Victims of Divorce

Apr 11, 2024

Lately I’ve been feeling quite concerned for the young people in our world, since they are dealing with so many struggles as they come of age. As they grow and develop, they are drawn into the issues of the previous … Read More

Healthy Self Do It Yourself

Apr 05, 2024

Let’s talk about restoring ourselves and creating our own optimal health. While it may seem daunting to begin work toward healing during the divorce process, it is important if you want to move into a faster recovery while living through … Read More

Springtime Is a Time for Change

Mar 27, 2024

We are entering one of the most glorious and gorgeous seasons of the year and that makes it the perfect time to shift our thinking away from difficulties and toward the gifts and blessings all around. Of course, as we … Read More

The Divorce Recovery Center 2024 Bash

Mar 19, 2024

“Help the life of one person and you can help the community.” – Steven Sawalich Here at the Divorce Recovery Center, our mission is to offer a significant resource to our community, and it is our wish that we’ll be … Read More

Thriving after Divorce IV

Mar 13, 2024

There is another way to Thrive after Divorce that I believe is important to mention. This idea has not only benefited me, but group members and family and friends as well. Once you level off at a relatively stable place … Read More

A Crash Course in Thriving After Divorce – Part II

Feb 27, 2024

Although this part of the series is called Thriving After Divorce, I want to state that it is entirely normal NOT to feel like you’re thriving during this time. You’re still interpreting and integrating the changes brought about by the … Read More

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