Divorce Survival

Divorce Anonymous: Recovery from the Grief of Divorce

May 27, 2016

By Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW In 1935, two men Bill Wilson, a New York stockbroker and Dr. Bob Smith, an Akron surgeon, founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to offer suffering alcoholics a successful road map for to achieve sobriety and … Read More

How to Navigate Single Parenting after Divorce

Jun 10, 2015

Re-establishing Stability and Security for Your Children by Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW Family systems are wrenched apart during divorce, affecting all family members including all children regardless of their age. Even when the divorce, brings relief and peace to … Read More

25 Things to do to Make You Feel Better While Divorcing

Nov 21, 2014

by Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW During times of loss, transition, and grief we feel helpless and out of control. When divorce occurs, life is turned upside down with legal disagreements, emotional swings, custody issues, financial upheaval, social changes, residential … Read More

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Sep 17, 2014

Many books have been written about the meaning of difficult and painful challenges in life and why they happen. It’s been the subject of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual researchers who seek to understand the purpose of pain and suffering in an imperfect world. Read More


Jun 18, 2014

by Dr. Susan Burger What do we mean by “Anti-Aging”. Aging is a part of your life cycle. You can’t stop the clock, so can you really be against aging? This obsession can lead to the use of superficial ways … Read More

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