The Divorce Recovery Center 2024 Bash

“Help the life of one person and you can help the community.” – Steven Sawalich

Here at the Divorce Recovery Center, our mission is to offer a significant resource to our community, and it is our wish that we’ll be able to continue this mission, offering connection and support to individuals who are going through the difficulties of divorce.

As a peer facilitator at the DRC, I have the privilege of being welcomed into people’s lives and sharing their stories and struggles at a time fraught with hardship and pain. I am permitted to become part of their journey as they navigate the rough waters of loss and grief. When a person reaches out to The Center, often they are at one of the lowest points in their life. They usually feel that they are alone in the struggle and that they may not be able to get through the experience. What our organization offers is a vision of hope for individuals built around a community of people who understand, empathize, and can easily relate to the struggles of their peers. The warmth and understanding of the group offer strength, stability, and a sense of empowerment, which enables individuals to feel stronger and connected as they work through the layers of loss and grief.

Divorce is grief and loss, and this is painful and destabilizing whether you are educated or not, financially affluent, or not, in good health or not, in a supportive family or not, and whether you initiated the divorce or not. Divorce will rock your world, most often culminating as a painful and disorienting experience. Our organization provides a support system that bolsters one up with camaraderie, friendship, and compassion.

Group work, with peers who are experiencing similar struggles, offers unmatched potential for support and healing, because everyone participates as equals. This permits space for honesty and vulnerability between members, which in turn lessens anxiety, calms the nervous system, allows for more measured, thoughtful decision-making, and offers a strong sense of well-being to all.

Our fundraising Bash provides an opportunity to raise awareness as well as funding for our mission. If we can keep the doors of the DRC open and fully functioning, it benefits the individuals who join our groups, and strengthens the community at large.

Help us keep the doors of the Divorce Recovery Center open, so that we can continue to offer a resource for those struggling through the ill effects of divorce. The real-life work we are doing strengthens and supports individuals, which in turn makes for a more healed and empowered community.

Thank you for your support! I hope to see you on March 23!

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