Overcoming Sadness After Divorce

Feb 09, 2022

Profound Sadness. Actually feeling pain in your heart. The sharp contrast of what used to be favorite, longed for, momentous, happy memories. Now changed. Uggg. This quote beautifully highlights divorce grief. I wish so badly after 12 years personally & … Read More

Finding Strength After Divorce

Jan 26, 2022

Kind of sweet to feel glimpses of hope in a sunny, blue skied Fresh 2022 day, right? (And, yes, it’s normal in divorce grief to then feel guilty or scared &/or wondering if a shoe will be dropping soon!). You … Read More

Peeling the Onion of Divorce

Jan 12, 2022

It’s January 12 of the NEW Year! ALL your divorcing issues don’t feel almost complete? You’re sensing residue from your last year’s divorce? Triggers are still popping up from your family change YEARS ago? Really? Sounds like you are human, … Read More

Jan 05, 2022

I hope you felt it, also… the crisp newness slowly entering into YOUR 2022, interspersed with Gratitude reflections for the Magical Holiday Moments you created, including a New Year’s Eve Celebration for the tremendous grit you mustered in a year … Read More

Forgiving Your Ex

Dec 30, 2021

Pondering my brilliant solution to fully forgive your ex before The 2022 Ball drops (sarcasm), I was launched back to a square, miniature hotel “Fitness Center” I inhabited. It was a time in my life I knew I had to … Read More

Holidays & Healing: Affairs

Dec 15, 2021

Upon discovering a spouse’s affair, people describe literally feeling their heart pounding, breaking, the need to hold onto it. As if clenching it desperately with 2 hands will stop the excruciating pain. Spouses who caused that forever change in their … Read More

Dec 08, 2021

If you’re really doing the work with divorce healing, Holidays can be brutal with memories popping up, while others seem to just be joyfully popping champagne. If you were/are being gaslit, your head & heart may be racing faster than … Read More

Parental Alienation – Naughty, Not Nice.

Dec 07, 2021

Whether as psychologically damaging as parental alienation, igniting the “Who got you better Hanukkah presents?” competition , informing an innocent child your fresh lover or stepparent will be replacing their former Mr. or Mrs. Clause, inflexibility with letting your kids … Read More

The Intersection of Marital Stress and Addiction Recovery

Nov 30, 2021

Michael Routh Esq., an Attorney0Mediator at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation, and Amy Siock LSW, Executive Director of Alpha Resource Center, join together to discuss the struggles of addiction recovery and the effects on a relationship. Read More

The Reality About the Holiday’s and Divorce

Nov 17, 2021

As we hear joyful co-workers planning their “Home for the Holidays” debut next Thursday, it is easy to dive into the hole of despair. Just some of the “reality” from brave callers this week: an almost ex taking off for … Read More

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