Springtime Is a Time for Change

We are entering one of the most glorious and gorgeous seasons of the year and that makes it the perfect time to shift our thinking away from difficulties and toward the gifts and blessings all around.

Of course, as we go through divorce, we have everyday stressors and fears that haunt us day and night, as well as worry and concern about the uncertainty of our future. Even so, I think that it’s important not to lose these precious days, weeks, and months letting our divorce take over our lives. I know that it can be hard to put those worries on the shelf, but if I could go back and offer some advice to my former self when I was going through divorce, I would say just that. Do not lose these days and weeks, and all the beauty of spring and maybe summer too, just because you’re going through a difficult time. By staying bound up in the difficulties of divorce, you might miss not only the Spring, but all the seasons of this year as well.

Of course, you’ll need to attend to the necessary tasks as your divorce progresses. But please do not allow this long and consuming experience to steal the gorgeous days and pleasant evenings of these upcoming months. Don’t miss the extra minutes of daylight we’re given with each passing day. Be aware of the beauty of the flowers and trees bursting into bloom in yards, gardens and along the roadways. Take advantage of this mild, pleasant weather, and all the gifts that nature offers during this incredible season. Go out and take a long and healing walk or go for a rigorous bike ride around the lake or through town. Go out with friends, visiting and catching up as you acknowledge and appreciate the beauty and bounty of spring.

Springtime creates the perfect atmosphere for gratitude, encouraging you to stop and notice the countless gifts everywhere. Don’t miss it just because you are going through an extremely difficult time. You may not be able to see this right now, but even now your story is packed full of countless blessings. Sometimes we forget that when we get embroiled in tough times. It can be beneficial to gain a new perspective and to see through someone else’s eyes, because when we are in the trenches of the divorce process, we can easily lose sight of some very important facts. Here is one of those facts that may become obscured during divorce: You are, and have been, the recipient of many gifts during your lifetime.

Today, I challenge you to take some time to acknowledge those gifts. Look closely at your life and see the good that is all around you. Notice the gifts in everyday experiences and concentrate on the many treasures tucked into your life as well as the natural beauty so freely given. Use this miraculous season and all that it holds to become more aware and grateful than you’ve ever been before. Allow this Spring to usher in a new season of hope and change.

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Denise Palmer


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