Writing For Your Life

During these next few weeks, I’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the methods that I have found to be extremely helpful in my own healing process.

Writing to heal is one of the most researched techniques that is available to us. It is amazing in that it costs next to nothing, requires no great skill set, and no one else needs to show up for us. I’ve found it to be a gamechanger in my own healing journey.

In The Write Practice, they state “Writing improves our mental and physical health. Research proves that writing about troubling issues boosts our immune system and improves our emotional health, which in turn benefits our lives in a multitude of ways. Writing gives us a space to channel, process, and release negative emotions.”

The best part is that you do not need to have any special writing skills or talents to utilize this incredible healing technique. You might be tempted to argue that you’ve never been able to be consistent with journaling at any other time in your life. I completely understand this argument because it’s exactly what I said.

However, when you find yourself reeling from a divorce or other life-altering event and you’re looking for tools to help release raw, debilitating feelings that are “stuck” inside, you start to get serious about finding new routines to strengthen and fortify yourself. Whether you keep a daily journal, write a series of unsent letters, keep a gratitude book, or jot down feelings when you feel especially triggered, these writing procedures are sure to have a positive effect on your mental health and wellbeing.

I hope that you’ll take time to consider the research that supports how important developing a writing practice can be for your mental health and self-awareness. Just by putting pen to paper, you reap the benefits of a process that supports and strengthens you, offering some distance between you and the upsetting emotions and processing them in a way that provides you with greater compassion and understanding of yourself.

I hope that you can begin writing for your life…

Denise Palmer 




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