A Positive Mindset After Divorce

In an article by Anthony J. Yeung,* he offers multiple ideas for being the creator of your own positive mindset. Divorce has a way of covering us in a blanket of dark negativity, which can block a lot of our natural joy and exuberance. We’re often left with a bleak outlook and profound sense of despair. It’s imperative that we throw off the blanket of negativity and acknowledge and appreciate all the blessings that still exist in our lives.
Here’s how you can start:

Focus On What’s Going Well
Although this may seem particularly difficult right now, it is true that most of us going through divorce still have a lot that is working well in our lives. Our jobs, children, family and extended family, network of friends, support group, church or business can offer layers of friendship, and a sense of community and belonging. Factor in that we live in beautiful Bucks County, and it’s spring, with summer coming close on its heels. With parks, gardens, the mountains, and the beach within just a few hours, we are truly blessed beyond belief. We are also blessed with our senses and ability to move and breathe. There’s a lot that’s going well!

Show Gratitude
Closely related to focusing on what is working in our lives, is learning to feel gratitude. Over time, keeping a journal of blessings, maintaining thoughts of gratitude in our mind, and developing within us a deep appreciation for the goodness that already exists in our life, can transport you to a higher, more positive state of consciousness. “I have noticed that the Universe loves Gratitude. The more Grateful you are, the more goodies you get.” – Louise Hay

Avoid Negative People/Situations
We all know people who appear to love wallowing in misery. These individuals choose to see worst-case scenarios and seldom have a good or kind word to share. The less contact you have with them the better. Limiting your time watching sensational news stories and catastrophic weather reports is advisable, as well. Monitor everything that you allow in your system. Just as junk food creates havoc for your physical body, other forms of toxicity affect your mental state, depressing and upsetting your well-being.

Practice Mindfulness
There is a lot of talk about mindfulness these days. In case you are confused, it is an awareness that we are not what we think. We are not our thoughts. We can be so closely connected to our thoughts that we think those mental patterns are who we are. Through dedicated awareness, meditation, etc. you can begin to understand that you are not the workings of your mind. You can begin to separate a bit and even learn to observe your thinking patterns without judgment. In this way, we can unhook from old, outdated mental programming, developing thoughts and awareness that allow acceptance, love, and positivity.

Here’s to a healthier, more positive mindset…

– Denise Palmer

*”6 Simple Ways to Help Remain Positive When It Seems The World Is Falling Apart”, by Anthony J. Yeung

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