Run For Your Life

This week I’m showcasing another healing technique that is a sure way to bring profound benefits as you navigate through your divorce, and the rest of your life, as well.

For me, that healing technique came in the form of running and I’ve been “running for my life” for about 40 years now. (Off and on, of course). Many of you may be saying, “I can’t run”, or maybe you’re saying, “I don’t want to run”! And I completely understand that! Running isn’t for everyone.

But the point I want to make is that exercise, of any kind, is beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Exercising on a regular basis offers incredible benefits whether you choose to run, walk, practice yoga, Tai Chi, cycle, lift weights, do interval training, swim, or make use of other workout routines…the truth is, they all offer positive, healing benefits.

Setting up an exercise routine is one of the most advantageous, empowering things you can do for yourself. By committing to it, you are ensuring an improved state of health guaranteed to spill over into all areas of your life.

This short list offers a glimpse into a few of the ways that exercising can help as you begin on your path to healing.


  • Keeps your body and mind strong.
  • Develops a wonderful, healthy tiredness, which facilitates deep sleep.
  • Helps improve brain effectiveness, clarity, and creativity.
  • Increases serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine which trigger positive feelings (WebMD) and boosts mood.
  •  Helps build self-image & confidence, improving relationships & overall life.
  • Can supplement other mental health practices.
  • Creates goal setting, sense of dedication & accomplishment.
  • Can surround you with other health-conscious individuals.
  • Is inexpensive or free (sneakers…?)
  • Does not require skill level (walking)

Exercise positively affects the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of your life. It elevates you in countless ways, bringing a sense of empowerment and control into your own healing process.

I hope that you will decide to incorporate exercise into your life with all its benefits, as you get out there and start biking, walking, or running for your life!!

Denise Palmer 



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