How to Find Where You Belong

Going through the divorce process can really be devastating to a person’s self-esteem, wellbeing and sense of security. Many of us end up feeling isolated and disconnected from family, our old way of life, and even some of our closest friends during this time.

Aside from all the other difficulties that come with divorce, these losses can really take a huge emotional toll. It is critical for your well-being and mental health to regain a sense of belonging as quickly as possible. This may seem difficult at first, even awkward, but it is the best thing you can do to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Multiple universities are seeing the importance of this and have begun various Belonging Projects (from MIT to Stanford to the Mayo Clinic) to analyze and study the truth about our fundamental need to belong.

The need for connectedness and belonging can be traced back to ancient tribal roots. Humans had to develop connectedness and community to survive. And today, groups provide a place where we can contribute and feel valued, be seen and heard. When we belong, we feel safe enough to express our interests, dreams, hopes and desires. This sense of belonging also provides a space for sharing the deep pain, hurt and losses that can occur throughout our lives. Without this connection and belonging, we are left feeling alone, isolated, helpless, and scared.

During and after divorce, it is very healthy to find a group of individuals who can understand you and what you’re going through. Your connectedness in the group will allow you to tell your story, commiserate about the good and bad times, be supported and gain strength and encouragement. We all need a little help from our friends, and we all need to belong, especially when going through life’s painful losses.We can help re-establish your sense of belonging…

Join our Zoom or in-person Support Group where you’ll find a community of individuals who are going through similar, shared experiences and are learning and growing with each gathering. You will gain connection and strength by sharing your thoughts and feelings and listening to the experiences of others, coming away from meetings with greater understanding, empathy and self-awareness.



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