Let’s Talk About Communication!

Lets Talk about Communication!
Did you know that according to recent research, ongoing communication difficulties are the number one reason couples get divorced in the United States. According to one study, over 67% of marriages that ended did so primarily due to communication problems. And since communication is the foundation of a successful relationship, you can see where many couples’ troubles begin.​
For this reason, we choosing Communication as our topic this week at the Divorce Recovery Center. We are well aware that many marriages do not end in “Happily-Ever-After”, regardless of whether it specifically leads to divorce, separation or becomes another unhealthy, marathon marriage.
In order to have greater success in our next relationships, it seems imperative to begin to understand why we have so much difficulty communicating effectively with our partners.
If we begin to acknowledge and then understand the challenges we face in communicating with one another, we can work to build understanding, fulfilling partnerships going forward.
Multiple studies show that there are general differences between how men and women communicate. (These are generalizations, and most of us fall on a communication spectrum.) However, the generalizations exist because there are “generally” distinct differences.
Just from this short list, you can see how men and women use their communication styles to relate in distinct ways.
These differences often lead to men and women misunderstanding and misreading one another.
It is important to note that even though we do communicate in different ways, one form should not be seen as superior to the other. The differences, instead of being used to build walls between us, should be recognized and then nurtured so that we can strengthen and improve our relationships, building bridges back to one another, rather than allowing the contrasting styles to destroy or undermine our most significant partnership.
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