A Change Will Do You Good

Denise’s Reflection:
Nothing is as certain in life as change. This truth becomes more and more evident as life goes on and we grow in age and wisdom. For all of us here at DRC, divorce is one of our biggest challenges and changes at this time…
Of course, there are different ways to approach change… here are two:
  •  Accept it and become a master (A Change Agent)
  • Refuse to accept it, resist it and become its victim
There is no way to stop or prevent change from happening in your life. As hard as that fact is to accept, it is one of life’s realities. Therefore, your best option is to learn to recognize, understand and accept that change is always coming. Change is around the next turn, it’s coming today, tomorrow or next week. One thing is absolutely certain; change is coming. Armed with this fact, the wisest option for all of us, is to learn how to allow it and accept the new reality that it brings. It is wise not push against it.
When change occurs, we are often sent into a state of confusion, turmoil and destabilization. We are forced into a new way of living, and this is unsettling, often bumpy and messy until we get our bearings.
Lean into the change anyway, because:
  • It IS happening
  • You can grow from it.
Those who can accept and willingly allow the changes into their experience, without a great deal of resistance have the good fortune of being able to move (flow) easily through life.
You can regain a sense of control during times of change by taking control of yourself. And since that is the only thing that you actually have power to control in life, it serves us well to work to gain this control. Reworking our ways of thinking and creating pathways of acceptance in our minds is a big challenge.
But this is the work we need to do to grow and learn to see change as good. This is the way to develop a deep sense of gratitude for all we have gone through, ultimately seeing change in life for what it is… a path to healing and wholeness.
Denise Palmer
Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change. – Brian Tracy

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