The Reality About the Holiday’s and Divorce

As we hear joyful co-workers planning their “Home for the Holidays” debut next Thursday, it is easy to dive into the hole of despair. Just some of the “reality” from brave callers this week: an almost ex taking off for a sunny vacation with the affair lover, a custody evaluation with 3 young children starting, a courageous divorcee diving deep into her trauma history. This is NOT “Holly Jolly” material. Friends, please “trust” where you are now…

  • If your Thanksgiving reality means smashing the leftover Halloween pumpkins to get out your fear & anger, so be it. Discharging the past can move mountains.
  • If you understandably can’t “trust” now, that’s okay! I “BELIEVE” in your living again! Stay committed to doing “the work”, no matter how pathetic it can look some moments. And promise me you will leave even a tiny, curious opening for “where YOU are going…” in YOUR NEW Year ahead.…


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