Peeling the Onion of Divorce

It’s January 12 of the NEW Year! ALL your divorcing issues don’t feel almost complete? You’re sensing residue from your last year’s divorce? Triggers are still popping up from your family change YEARS ago? Really? Sounds like you are human, my friend.

The “peeling an onion” healing idiom was just annoying to me in the crisis stage, when getting out of bed to face reality & make java seemed daunting. When you’ve conquered every nauseating legal paper & still have unpacked boxes from an unexpected move, more Counseling tugging at you understandably doesn’t sound like the next fun step!

  • Stop beating yourself up! If you are doing all you can NOW to just survive, that’s okay. DO the 1 thing you can muster the energy to do. The next needed step WILL more naturally come…
  • If you are still at the no sleeping stage, so be it, as a beloved Reiki Master would tell me. However, besides reading the article below, what 1 call can you make to get that on track?
  • 3 years later, & divorce issues still waking you up? Thank that Awareness. What is gently tugging on you now to boost your whole family’s overall health? (And, YES, your co-parent in that story, also!) A divorce recovery book, meditation &/or yoga toxin release, Divorce Support Group for you, your teen, or child? Family of origin psychotherapy before

Keep doing “the best you can”, & I promise all will unfold, in perfect timing, to much, much more than “better”…

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