Parental Alienation – Naughty, Not Nice.

Whether as psychologically damaging as parental alienation, igniting the “Who got you better Hanukkah presents?” competition , informing an innocent child your fresh lover or stepparent will be replacing their former Mr. or Mrs. Clause, inflexibility with letting your kids still experience Traditions with your ex-in laws, or sneakily having Santa come down your chimney 1st before your ex’s custody agreement Holiday, us adults know when our behaviors are more Grinch & coal worthy. Your anger is yours, not to be vented to torn, mini ears on the “Over the River & Through the Woods” sleigh ride to your ex’s abode…

  • If you truly care about the “best interest of (your) child”, do you really wish them possible lifelong drama with their own flesh & blood? Unresolved hurts with their Mother or Father, the core of their growing identity?
  • Skip buying the extra materialistic gift for your child. Buy yourself a therapist instead, vs. using your child as one. Take accountability for your role in the divorce. As Uncle Eddie said in Christmas Vacation: “It’s the Gift that KEEPS on Giving”…
  • Like a HOLIDAY SURVIVAL Divorce Support Group! Validation & camaraderie by adults will help infuse the Peace & JOY your kids need this Season from YOU!
  • Being Compassionate towards an ex is usually no easy, Holly Jolly endeavor! Despite any “darkness” directed at you, put yourself in their family of origin & wounds. Approach them with more openness. If it feels right, forgive them quietly if not safe to tell them
  • Just call me for a SPECIALIST THERAPIST REFERRAL! Co-parenting Professionals can change heart wrenching divorce dynamics. If your kindest attempts fail, make sure your kid(s) are protected & insist on individual Counseling for them.

Despite understandable frustration, KEEP BEing the “LIGHT” to drive out toxicity & “darkness”. Take the High Road, Friend. Little eyes are watching you, Role Model. HAPPY Hanukkah. MERRY Christmas. And A TRULY NEW Year to all that!


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