New Year, New Perspective

The New Year is almost upon us and, I don’t know about you, but the idea of a New Year’s resolution lost luster for me about 40 years ago. How many times have you resolved to eat less, exercise more, forgo alcohol and sugar, be nicer and less judgmental with others, or have more patience with your kids?? How about that New Year’s low carb diet that ends up lasting a mere 10 days?  No argument here; these are all noble, healthy goals. It’s just that the idea of a resolution feels so passe. (Maybe I’ve had too many New Year’s)! During the divorce state of flux, it might just feel like another thing to add to the already lengthy “to do” list.

This year, let’s put a little twist on the whole notion of a resolution. How about contemplating what you want and need most in the year to come. This is a new chapter of your life. Listen to your soul and determine what you need to feel nourished, energized, and fulfilled. Pick one word that is positive and healing for you. A word that helps you to feel restored as you rebuild your life. What will it be? Here are some examples:

Peace                                                  Gratitude                                            Solitude

Abundance                                        Laughter                                             Reemergence

Independence                                   Vocation                                             Love

Forgiveness                                       Spirituality                                          Fitness

Love                                                    Discovery                                            Beauty

Spirituality                                          Kindness                                             Letting Go

Fun                                                      Friendship                                          Soothing

Stability                                              Self-Love                                             Self-Care

Weave this word into each day of 2023. Let it be your mantra, your guiding light, your theme song. Let it give you purpose, hope, and direction. May it bless you as you begin the journey of finding your highest self and allowing your light to shine.

Health and happiness to you and yours in 2023!!

Deirdre Shaffer, MSW, LCSW


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