Holidays & Healing: Affairs

Upon discovering a spouse’s affair, people describe literally feeling their heart pounding, breaking, the need to hold onto it. As if clenching it desperately with 2 hands will stop the excruciating pain. Spouses who caused that forever change in their family history describe a nauseating self-anger they can never forgive. Regardless of the agony you are in, Ask Santa for Your Heart back…& hop on that yellow brick road toward a NEW Year…

  • No, it’s NOT fair. YES, it’s normal to fantasize about a revenge lover. Please think again, Friend. Could that rock your hurting kids world more? How about a killer workOUT of those ugly emotions? A cathartic SUPPORT GROUP? Chucking a poinsettia into the woods? Screaming into a pillow? Sleep with…your Self. Your Self Worth. Those are the presents your children need now.
  • “Dad, do you love her?” asks your teen on their 1st Christmas with the infidelity fling being introduced. OUCH. Remember your teen is also grieving. Looks like a TEEN DIVORCE SUPPORT GROUP &/or THERAPIST REFERRAL is what they might need in their stocking.
  • Depressed you cheated, or were cheated on? Regardless of your role, make 2022 a soul-searching adventure! Accountability. Doing the work. Not repeating the patterns that led there. Co-parenting professionals. Trying to soak in the joy of your innocent & deserving kids at the Holidays. Ditching the perfect Christmas expectations. Now we are talking “taking back” your Hearts! Blessing to you all…


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