A Real Family Recipe

It can be grief defined in the anguish of missing childhood or now divorced Holiday traditions. It can be Charlie Brown’s “GOOD GRIEF!”, that overwhelming “I can’t take all this extra irritation of facing unresolved family conflict & endless to dos!” Breathe, friends…

  • Just “SHOW UP” for these intense emotions. Vent to a trusted friend (I bet ya’ a million bucks their family is not perfect!). Be “BRAVE” with letting out your sadness & longings..

  • Then “SHOW UP” for what is (literally) on your plate this year! Be grateful for any good, whether the warm home for a new “Friendsgiving”, remembering good memories from the past with your fellow hot stuffing eaters, or your health to start new tomorrow.

  • Although the article below was written for divorced parents, it can shed light for all on prioritizing the kids, managing disagreements & staying kind with normal in-law splitting time challenges! Us extra stressed adults all need to gobble up that insight! Cheers!

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