A Dose of Encouragement: Healing Wounds

I remember well waiting for my dad to come rip off the good ole’ Band-aid from a happy childhood play injury. Scared. Next, wincing at the “Okay..1, 2, 3…”, RIP it off the boo boo, moment. Ouch!

“Amicable” or not, divorce causes boo boos. An extra drink, the alluring thought of a new lover, &/or denying the intensity of the “wound” may dull the pain. However, we both know even brightly colored, animated character Band-aids do not really fix it…

  • Trouble sleeping, eating, feeling hopeless sometimes are to be expected during the initial divorce crisis. However, if this blue state is worsening over time, please seek a trusted PCP. Cortisol buildup, depression, and overwhelming anxiety are real.
  • What comforting step towards healing can YOU do today? Lace up and just start walking? Take a 25 minute decompressing nap? Journal how you REALLY feel? The good. The bad. The ugly.
  • Some scabs are uglier than others. If you left mental abuse, were gaslit, &/or your ex may be challenged with narcissistic or borderline personality disorder, call me for a specialist referral.
  • Trust if you courageously dive deep, your “LIGHT (will eventually) ENTER”…

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