I hope you felt it, also… the crisp newness slowly entering into YOUR 2022, interspersed with Gratitude reflections for the Magical Holiday Moments you created, including a New Year’s Eve Celebration for the tremendous grit you mustered in a year now to be let go. Yes, fully aware that “light” can feel a bit scary, but knowing you need to move toward that gentle Calling…
  • What do YOU uniquely see as “light” for your now changed family that you desire to embrace? The people that positively enhance you? The next courageous step in forgiving & co-parenting? The NEW BEGINNINGS CLUB events that will thrust you out of your comfort survival zone, but also into actually experiencing Joy? (Imagine that!) Finally telling your Life Story in a Support Group?
  • To ignore the C word also joining this party is not realistic. What one practice can you adopt daily to acknowledge any fear about Covid, but then truly press forward One Day at a Time?
  • And, if you’re not jiving with the rays of sunlight trying to shine on your family, that’s okay. Please call me. I absolutely believe in the “light” for you & your children & have a plethora of ideas for Full Healing. HAPPY, HAPPY FRESH START, Friends!

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