Take Yourself on a Date – Seriously

According to the bazillion profiles on dating sites, nearly everyone likes romantic dinners and walks on the beach. And that’s fine and customary for a typical ‘getting to know you’ date. But how would you like to spend a date if the only person you had to please was yourself?

Indulge in time just for you

Think about it. You could spend as much time as you wished at the your local art museum, lingering at exhibits that enchant you, skipping the ones that don’t, have lunch when you felt hungry, even if it’s 10:30 in the morning or 4:00 in the afternoon. Or you could fish to your heart’s content, lazing in a boat on a nearby river, motoring over to likely spots to catch a trout or a nap. Or you could explore a park’s leafy trails, check out the seasonal displays at local gardens or picturesque streets of historical community.

What would you do on a date with you?

Pretend you’re courting yourself and want to win your favor. Take yourself on a date! Seriously! What would delight you? A Shakespearean play? A rock concert? A gourmet picnic? A day at the racetrack? Pay attention to what ignites your spirit, soothes your soul. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate or lengthy. Have breakfast at a favorite café, catch that film you’ve been longing to see, dangle your toes in a lake.

Treat yourself with the same care and attention you’d lavish on a loved one. Go ahead, get your calendar and find some time this week for a date with yourself. And have a wonderful time!

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