What! A Vacation Just for Us?


What if this year, we took a vacation just for us?

Summer vacation…It’s that time of year, so let’s drag out the usual suspects —water park, campground, Disney World. Instead, consider putting a little thought into how to best rejuvenate yourself, your spouse and your family. Of course, you have to consider finances, work schedules, kids, their interests and your own expectations. But have you ever considered that a vacation that benefits the entire family might actually be one where you leave the family at home!

Rekindling Building Your Couples’ Bond

All relationships, but especially the marital one benefit from some concentrated attention from time to time. You and your spouse are the family’s backbone. Maintaining a healthy relationship provides a solid foundation for a healthy family. But so many couples never consider their own couples retreat away from the muddle of work, family and household duties. One-on-one time is a great way to strengthen the bond needed to withstand life’s inevitable ups and downs. So maybe it’s time to reinforce the team with a ‘just the two of us’ retreat.

Discover Each Other Again

Even more, it also brings back the memory of how exciting it was to discover things about each other. Think back to the mutual interests and activities that brought you and your spouse together. Use that as a jump off point to plan your retreat. Consider ideas that may seem out of the ordinary for a “vacation.” Maybe something you both said you’d like to do if only… Maybe you enjoyed volunteer service in the past, so take a long weekend to work with Habitat for Humanity or a local beautification project. Maybe you harbor a secret love of amusement parks and just want to scare yourselves silly on a roller coaster. Whatever the activity do it together and take the time to be a couple. It may be the most worthwhile investment in your marriage. It says “I like being with you” Who can resist that?

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