Financial Fitness

As summer winds down, and the holidays approach, you may start to notice changes in the weather. Preparing for change in advance by adjusting your wardrobe is always prudent. You may be noticing changes with your finances as well. A new independent path can be exciting, but finances can be dramatically impacted. Household income usually decreases, and expenses typically increase. Understanding how income and expenses change after divorce can be a critical component in future financial independence. The best tool to manage your finances is a budget. A budget can be a simple spreadsheet, and it will help you monitor finances on a regular basis. Prioritizing expenses and monitoring them over time will help you identify where costs can be trimmed if needed. Making small changes early can help avoid drastic changes later on. A little preparation now may also assist in better enjoying the upcoming holiday season.

“Let’s Get Financially Fit for the Holidays.”

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey

By Jonathan McSurdy


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