The Teen Mosaic Group is a Healing Choice

In the last Weekly Dose, I discussed the mental health issues facing teens in our community today. Teens suffer addiction challenges and mental health concerns at a significantly higher rate than the general public. Here, at the Divorce Recovery Center, we are determined to do our part to alleviate their struggle.

Studies show that creative expression as a means for healing has incredible benefits. It opens a pathway for exploration and allows for the release of emotions in a protected and safe way. When teens can express and convey feelings through art, (emotions that may be difficult to verbalize or even grasp), they are able to unblock areas of pain and grief that allow for a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves and their challenges.

Creating art using different mediums allows for a deeper dive into untapped feelings and stressors, not easily talked about. In creating a welcoming space where teens can create and express thoughts, fears, and concerns through individual art projects, we offer a supportive resource that will prove to be comforting and healing.

Expression through art gives teens permission to develop their imagination and creativity, expanding their sense of self. This process allows an individual to free trapped emotions, and creates a more expansive understanding, which can calm deep-seated triggers and fears. In the safe space provided, teens can open up with peers, connecting and bonding over their projects, improving their ability to communicate their struggles and difficulties.

Art becomes a healing path for teens to release painful memories and experiences as they begin to share emotions and thoughts as expressed in their creations.

Current research shows that when we are engaged in “artmaking” we improve thought processes, achieve greater problem-solving methods and lift feelings of well-being and self-esteem. Further studies show that engaging your creative side in fun and inspiring ways can rejuvenate the mind, activate reward centers, and stimulate pathways in the brain.

The Mosaic Teen Group offers support for young people and permits them to honor their story through a creative, healing experience.

Denise Palmer



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