The Intersection of Marital Stress and Addiction Recovery

If you are married and are struggling with addiction or alcoholism there is a good chance this battle is affecting your relationship. Nevertheless, if you are willing to take action to recover from these seemingly hopeless conditions, then you can also recover and restore this bond. The Alpha Resource Center can provide valuable tools to assist you in finding the help needed to become a better spouse, parent, and person. Although it may seem that the easiest way forward is to go separate ways; with work, determination and love, you can rebuild your marriage.

Michael Routh Esq., an Attorney Mediator at Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation, and Amy Siock LSW, Executive Director of Alpha Resource Center, join together to discuss the struggles of addiction recovery and the effects on a relationship.

The prisons of addiction and alcoholism can be dismal and dark, full of self-pity, despair, guilt, and remorse. Stuck in these cells, relationships with significant others, family members and children suffer. At times, there appears to be no release from the suffering felt and caused to those closest to the addict or alcoholic. However, if a person is willing to recover from their addiction, there is help available so they can also repair the bonds with the people they affected with their illness.

The Alpha Resource Center offers several ways to assist the addict or alcoholic work at repairing their broken relationships with their spouse and children. Alpha can help you find a marriage counselor to help with the underlying issues as well as counseling for any children who might have been affected by the addiction. Further, Alpha offers a Couples Tune-Up program to assist with ongoing maintenance of the marital relationship. For children affected by a possible parental break-up, Alpha has started a Teen Support group geared to provide the child a safe place to discuss tough topics with their peers. Additionally, for younger children, Alpha will be holding a weekly online Divorce Story Hour beginning January 19, 2022.

Moreover, if the marital relationship is beyond repair, Alpha offers a New Beginnings divorce support group which allows you to talk to others going through the same issues under the guidance of a licensed professional. Finally, the New Beginnings Club is an opportunity to meet others who are looking for fun, purposeful, non-dating stress outlets.

Regardless of the pain caused by addiction and alcoholism, there can be hope to the person willing to recover. Alpha recognizes the harm caused by these illnesses and wishes to provide support to the addict or alcoholic and their families. It is very difficult to recover individually, so please let Alpha be a partner along the road to recovery.


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