Overcoming Sadness After Divorce

Profound Sadness. Actually feeling pain in your heart. The sharp contrast of what used to be favorite, longed for, momentous, happy memories. Now changed. Uggg. This quote beautifully highlights divorce grief. I wish so badly after 12 years personally & professionally in what at times feels an alternate Universe, I could relieve you & say the intense work doesn’t need to be done to get to the other side. And then the fun of me mentioning forgiveness. “Please NO more, Amy!”, your bone weary body screams. Friends, I do not write to make your negative screech louder. I hopefully validate where you might be now, but also to inject a bold confidence that, YES, there really can be unfathomable “JOY”, if YOU Choose to take the ride…

  • Yes, embrace it ALL, or buy your ticket on the same roller coaster again! Hire the therapist, join the Support Group, ask your vulnerable children the tough questions. Listen to their emotional needs. Act on them. Journal. Bawl. Work it ALL OUT…
  • Ahh, the what now seems trendy Gratitude recommendation. However, it is researched effective! When you recall something from your Family you feel that for, try to sit with it, & savor it. If anger for that loss sweeps in after, feel that also. I promise slowly, but surely, you will live in more Gratitude for your past, opening for more Positive in YOUR NEW future!
  • Yes, you may kill me for the next suggested article! At the crisis of my 1st divorce, I would have been so annoyed at this advice! That’s okay if you are also. And please note if there was mental &/or physical abuse, I am not advocating a sent letter or LIVE connecting. It is important to listen to your gut about what feels safe with your healing. I am kindly nudging you to Set an Intention You Want to develop Compassion for the person you Married. That you cannot live in this drama space forever, because, YOUR HAPPINESS sincerely does await…

Amy Siock


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