I speak a great deal about gratitude in our support group.

When we feel gratitude for the good things in our life, we can encourage greater harmony, peace, and happiness. Learning to pivot our naturally negative thoughts away from what is “wrong” and train ourselves to focus on what is “right” helps us create a more positive, well-regulated, less anxious mindset.

So, with all this talk about GRATITUDE, you may be wondering what it is that I am grateful for…
In a phrase, the Divorce Recovery Center’s Support Groups. You’ve all had a remarkably positive and healing effect on my life. I am so thankful that each of you has joined the DRC and are part of this amazing, uplifting community that assists in collective healing.

It is no small thing to join a group of complete strangers during some of the darkest days of your life and then to talk openly about the pain and difficulties you’re going through. It takes a great deal of courage and trust, belief in the process, and hope that the group has within it the power to sustain and support you and propel you to begin moving through the pain of divorce.

I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am to you each time you bring your stories and experiences to our group meetings. I am amazed by how you openly share your struggles, allowing others to see and learn from your process, and how you speak bravely about your personal relationships and the problems within them. Your ability to willingly work on yourself, gathering strength, and engaging your capacity for empathy for others, is truly a life-lesson for me. I am so appreciative of the support and encouragement you provide to the other members of our group, even as you’re faced with hardships. I am awed by your ability to step outside yourself, so you can assist other members, making suggestions and offering support that inevitably promotes growth and healing.

Thank you all for fostering within our group a sense of belonging and community that works to help heal our broken hearts.

It’s truly a gift for me to be part of this group. You’ve taught me how to guide someone toward peace and well-being.

Thank you.

Denise Palmer



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