Forgiving Your Ex

Pondering my brilliant solution to fully forgive your ex before The 2022 Ball drops (sarcasm), I was launched back to a square, miniature hotel “Fitness Center” I inhabited. It was a time in my life I knew I had to put my running shoes on any adrenaline-inducing exercise equipment & go from there. The elliptical screamed at me the simple, yet profound, quote above…

  • Baby steps, Friend. If you are dealing with the excruciating agony of recalling special, unforgettable, tender moments with your former lover, now in a cocktail mix with bitter resentment for what you feel was unfair treatment, hit START & “Get” YOUR Forgiveness “Show ON the Road!” Really??? When there’s no Sorry: for the affair, the scary gaslighting, &/or the lack of recognition you tried so hard to be their Best Friend? YES!…
  • Cry. Try. One step Forward. One step (annoyingly) back. Deep Breath. Acknowledge the yuck. Then send them: your Best Intention to Forgive & Wishes for their Healing.
  • Deservedly treat yourself to Movie Night! Cozy up to “Love Actually”. It validates the complexity you are bravely tackling!
    Painful issues you cannot put closure on because it’s not safe mentally &/or physically with your ex (your children need you!)? Put your feet up in front of the Christmas tree! Compose a letter to your ex you will NOT send. Be brutally real confronting the dichotomy. Release the complicated grief!
  • “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Jesus believer or not, powerful advice. I bet your ex doesn’t really “get” their effect on you. Try to Compassionately view their actions in light of their family or origin learning. Add Grace to your champagne flute, & I Promise the negative bubbles will fizzle with time…
Happy NEW Year, Audacious One!


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