Finding Strength After Divorce

Kind of sweet to feel glimpses of hope in a sunny, blue skied Fresh 2022 day, right? (And, yes, it’s normal in divorce grief to then feel guilty or scared &/or wondering if a shoe will be dropping soon!). You may have boosted confidence in your recovery, then your head & heart start obsessing about your growing babies in all this change. “Wait, is my ex’s new fling trying to turn my kids away from me?” “Did I say too much about their Mom/Dad when I was (understandably) angry?” “How could I possibly accept the child I raised is alienating me?” This is painful stuff, my friends, but cannot be ignored! Trust me…this courageous work CAN be intermixed with your NEW joys….

    • Find an App, book, or call me for a THERAPIST REFERRAL to teach you to breathe, then face the tough conversations your whole family (ex included!) may need.
    • When you say something negative about their parent, it can be their FREE ticket to anxiety, loyalty conflicts & hurt on their mini Hearts. This unfair stress can be numbed through cutting, alcohol, drugs & depression. Recognize signs & know there’s help! Changing this negative energy now can kill what can become Parental Alienation poison over the years.
    • Join our adult divorce support group for you. Get a Kid or Teen one for them. Divide & conquer all the overwhelming emotions all have a right to feel. Make everyone “Stronger” this year!

Amy Siock,


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