Divorce and Teens

How Teens Struggle When Parents Divorce

I don’t think there’s anyone who would argue with the fact that teens are struggling and finding life difficult at this time. Most would also agree that teens know that they are not entirely equipped to handle the stresses they are facing. If you compound the average teen’s life with the break-up of their family, you’ll see why we know we must do something for the teens in our community.

Here is a quick glance at some of the common behaviors that young people may exhibit as they navigate being a teenager, as well as living through their parents’ divorce. Often, teens resort to combinations of these behaviors, as well as others not listed.

Teens may:

    • Have suicidal thoughts, attempts or ideation. (suicides reached an all-time high in the U.S. in 2022)
    • Choose risky behaviors such as substance abuse.
    • Engage in early sexual activity.
    • Have behavioral issues.
    • Exhibit aggressive behaviors.
    • Have trouble sleeping.
    • Struggle with relationships, intimate, family, friends.
    • Become alienated from one or both parents.
    • Struggle with academic performance & socialization at school.
    • Lose a sense of boundaries, make poor choices.
    • Suffer from eating disorders.
    • Exhibit attention-seeking behavior, criminal activity, etc.

    Teens turn to one another for support when stressed, depressed or scared. In one study, over 75% of students surveyed said that they would reach out to their friends for support, before turning to family, teachers, counselors.

    The challenges teens face will continue to affect them for years to come, if not addressed appropriately.

    The DRC offers a Mosaic Teen Group, which provides a safe space where teens can form a community, where they can encourage and support one another. A healthy sense of belonging and bonding develops in group settings, especially among peers who are experiencing similar struggles. The healing and sense of wellbeing possible in this forum offers mental health benefits that are priceless.

    Please support us as we create a safe space for teens to gather, talk, bond and heal.

    Teen Divorce Support Group!

    Denise Palmer

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