October 2021

Divorced with Kids and Dating

Oct 27, 2021

  “Take it slow, & it’ll work itself out fine…All we need is just a little Patience.” -Guns N’ Roses “Patient”. Yuck! Seriously? After the painstaking ups & downs & brutal back flips of divorce? I get your intense feeling … Read More

Boo! Facing Your Divorce Fears

Oct 18, 2021

Quote: “Meditation helps to change your perspective. It improves the way you perceive things. It improves your interaction with people around you-what you say, how you react & act in different situations…” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Amy Reflection: Navigating through … Read More

Divorce Wounds

Oct 12, 2021

I remember well waiting for my dad to come rip off the good ole’ Band-aid from a happy childhood play injury. Scared. Next, wincing at the “Okay..1, 2, 3…”, RIP it off the boo boo, moment. Ouch! “Amicable” or not, … Read More

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