If you’re really doing the work with divorce healing, Holidays can be brutal with memories popping up, while others seem to just be joyfully popping champagne. If you were/are being gaslit, your head & heart may be racing faster than Santa’s sled on Christmas Eve! Merriam-Webster defines it as “psychological manipulation…that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories & typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence & self-esteem, uncertainty of one’s…mental stability, & a dependency on the perpetrator.” Your gut definition knows it is more than the Marital communication issues being blamed. Supportive family may now feel scary as “flying monkeys” at formerly peaceful traditional gatherings. “LIGHT a candle” on YOUR Truth, Friends…

  • Despite your To Do list exponentially blown up in December, 50 minutes with a Gaslighting & Narcissist Specialist can get Santa back on track! If people have not been gaslit, they understandably can’t “get” it; I can refer you to a professional who does. Our support groups will assure you’re not alone in this minefield. I have many book & podcast relief ideas!
  • Forgiving someone who causes you emotional torment? It doesn’t have to be done by midnight New Year’s Eve! Breathe, pray, meditate (whatever makes you tick again!) & send your ex LIGHT, as they are often not aware of the extent of the emotional damage they inflicted in you.
  • If you are reading this realizing your divorce ended in an odd way & you may have gaslit, call me! It is not about blame. Whether the gas lighter or the victim, bravely take your healing one step further. Look at family of origin issues & why you were attracted to this. Effect of this behind-the-scenes drama on your kids? Effect on co-parenting?
  • Give YOURSELF a Gift: a massage, reflexology, or reiki session. I promise there is help to clear out those “dark” toxins for YOUR NEW Year… 


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